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“Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant”

The question of who to hire and when should be on the minds of CEO’s, Operations Manager’s, Human Resources, Project Manager’s, and others regarding Safety and Training issues. This question is not always easily answered, even if your company has the resources and personnel, in the guise of a Safety and Health Director and/or Department. In this ever changing world of down sizing, everyone needs to justify how many Man-hours and at what cost to the company. Everyone is responsible to watch the “Bottom Line”. In order for most companies to remain competitive and stay in business, they must provide, per OSHA, a safe work environment for all their employees…….not just the full time employees. You may have the best safety and training program, however, human error is impossible to predict and control 100%. Your Safety & Training Manager (if you have one in-house), usually has more on his/her plate than their original job description depicts. They do not have the time and your budget restraints on them do not allow them the resources to keep up with the ever changing environment we all live and work in. Therefore, in most cases, it is very cost effective to hire an outside Safety Consultant to take a fresh look at your company policies, training, accident prevention programs and a multitude of other issues that may be particular to your type of industry and company.

What is the main reason to go outside the company for this service?

First off a professional consultant is not bogged down by your companies internal affairs nor is he/she influenced by your past safety record nor will they alter reports, just to make your company look good. You also have the opportunity to find someone, although they may not have a lot of initials and titles, after their name, but, have a proven record of actual hands-on skills and have the ability to save your company a serious amount of money, through recommendations or implementation of new ideas. These professional consultants attend several seminars, meetings with industry regulatory agencies and in general are ahead of the curve, for Safety and Training in their field of expertise. The cost of their services range from reasonable to ridiculous, as some want to sell you software, videos and other potentially useless expenses that leave you with a bad feeling for consultants. In order to find the right company for your needs, get a referral list, check them out, the same as you would for other services that either your company would require or you require personnally. For instance, if you needed heart surgery, would you run your finger through the Yellow Pages? Would you require a doctor with a multitude of titles or degrees? I surely hope not. If it were me, I would speak to past and present patients, other doctors, hospitals where they worked, the Department of Health and make sure that this is the person I want to entrust my life with. In the same manner, you are entrusting the lives and well being of your employees with an outside Safety Consultant. Take the time to make a healthy decision.