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About Peter Bouley - President

Peter Bouley is an expert and professional in OSHA, MSHA & USACE Superintendent, QC & safety for construction, operation and maintenance. He has over 35 years of direct, hands-on experience helping companies improve their safety records and raising the standards at their job sites, thereby improving employee morale and customer relations, and ultimately improving the bottom line.

Peter is an accomplished and successful Safety & Health Consultant/Trainer and Supervisor.

Safety & Health Consultant/Trainer

  • Hired by Baltimore, MD Law Firm (Koleman) to go to Wyoming to implement major changes to one of their energy clients Safety /Health/Training Program after a serious accident with major OSHA fines.
  • Implemented a comprehensive Safety/Health/Training Program (result of OSHA fines) for Ajax Construction Company (N.E. largest merit shop steel erector)Inc. where he still provides service since 2000
  • OSHA Certified to teach 10 & 30 Hour Safety & Health (# C0083764 – license)
  • Implemented major changes to Subpart ‘L’ OSHA regulations for Advantage Glass after a serious accident due to previous method of worker training. He continues to provide OSHA Safety & Health Training to them.
  • Have a proven record of eliminating over $1 Million of potential OSHA fines for clients over the last 15 years due to Compliance Officer’s miss-understanding the OSHA regulations as they pertained to my clients activities.


  • Author of several technical text books & training manuals, i.e., Boiler Operator Training (U.S. Navy used this and purchased 1000+); Basic Welding; What You Didn’t Know, You Didn’t Know About Welding (Junk Welding); Training Manuals on Forklifts, Backhoes/Excavators, Cranes & Rigging, Confined Space, Competent Person, Catch Basin Truck Safety & Operation, Etc..
  • U.S. Patent holder for improvements in steam turbine design/operation/safety.
  • Provide classroom/hands-on training on OSHA/MSHA/DOT/ANSI safety Codes for Construction build/alter/repair of structures; All types of equipment used in construction industry
  • MIT awarded Peter an Honorary PhD in mechanical engineering in early 1990’s for his project that defied the laws of physics, as they were known then. The project has been running safely for almost 20 years without any failures.
  • Authored a Safety Manual – “Safety – Keep It Simple” – for a large insurance company geared to smaller construction contractors.

Continuous Education/Training

  • June 2012 - OSHA 40 Hour renewable every four years
  • ASSE Webnair’s monthly on safety topics
  • ABC Webnair’s on work place violence
  • CCRI - highway safety 9/2009 - 16 1/2 hrs. 
  • RIICA - 4 hour blasting safety class 9/24/09 
  • OSHA 10 training of 545 persons 1/1/12 – 9/30/12 
  • Keep up to date by reading Code books, safety periodicals and magazines. 
  • QC Mgr Certificate for USACE June 2010
  • Annual updates on Computer Boiler Operator Controls for Foxboro, Bailey, Delta V and others.


  • Boiler erection for B&W Boiler Mfg for 2 year project, over $20M in Australia – finished on time/on budget
  • Major Boiler repair at Groton Sub Base after explosion. My skills to run this job requested by State of CT Boiler Inspector and accepted by the Navy [1990]
  • Responsible for Design changes in process boilers using my Mechanical Engineering Degree capabilities, which offered the client valued engineering.
  • HVAC Chiller & Genset replacement on 10th floor USDA, Boston, MA [2010]
  • Boiler Demo/Replacement U.S. Navy, Newport RI [2011]

Peter is a Certified Welder & Inspector familiar with AWS/ASME/DOT Codes. He is also a licensed Heavy Equipment Operator with 30+ years of experience in trenching/mining/demolition work.

Peter Bouley is the recipient of both the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam. He is an accomplished musician who briefly performed with The Boston Pops Orchestra and is a civic volunteer.

Professional Licenses & Professional Organizations

  • OSHA OT (Outreach Trainer) #288
  • OSHA 40 Hour Card #C0083764 – qualified to teach 10 & 30 hour safety
  • QC Mgr. 5 year USACE Certificate
  • CPEA (Certified Professional Environmental Auditor in Safety & Health) provide annual lecture service on specific OSHA/ASME/ANSI/DOT Safety training to others through ASSE/NAPE/NCCER and other organizations. Annual time minimum 40 hours per year which qualifies me per BEAU for training time to keep my certifications current AWS #171939 (since 2000)
  • MSHA above Ground Miner Trainer at MSHA WV Training Academy instructor for 24 hours annually in October and at other times. Classes in Welding Certification Safety for new/repair/alterations work on equipment and structures.
  • Provide Training/Inspection/Repairs for Power Plant operations for States/Cities/Municipal/Government – U.S. Navy/others RI License #3397. (since 1965)
  • NCCER – contribute to writing of training text books on Power Plant and Electric Generation & Transmission Lines; Heavy Construction Equipment operation/maintenance; Welding Safety & Training. Safety meetings held 2-3 days several times annually to update trainers understanding of safety issues. [RI HE #00014321]
  • ASME member [1992-2001] [renewing effective January 2010]
  • ANSI non-voting consulting member on safety issues for cranes
  • NIULPE Chief Engineers license since 1970 – renewed annually #7651
  • ASSE [American Society of Safety Engineers] past president & attend annual PDC’s and am presenter on Safety topics
  • SARI [Safety Association of RI] past president and member since 2000 attend several safety conferences annually
  • FRA provide safety inspection/accident investigation for steam locomotives and other
  • NTSB provide safety inspection/accident investigation for steam locomotives [investigated the famous Gettysburg explosion 90’s]